New video: From the vault #14 – Richard Sandström from morph

The actual episode of our little YouTube series: You can meet Richard Sandström from the Swedish progressive rock band morph at home. He is responsible for the excellent mixing and Attila the other part of this congenial duo has perfectly mastered our new song „The Glass House„.

In December 2015 morph was subject of the first episode of our series with conspiratorial recommendations (We know: This interesting series is actually a little bit abandoned…). The J Conspiracy really loves this band! While recording the tracks for „The Glass House“ a great idea was growing up and we contacted Richard to ask, if he is interested in creating the sound of our next release. Thankfully he agreed and it was really a pleasure for us to work with him. As a kind of special gimmick he shoots this short video as a little contribution to our YouTube channel. We’re very happy with his amazing sound concept and his creative way of improving the musical ideas in our track. Morph kicked up our song a minimum two levels higher than it was composed originally:)) The J Conspiracy hopes that this is the beginning of a long time inspirational collaboration.

Now, if you’re really curious to hear the result… Only our newsletter subscribers have the opportunity to download the song in advance. Maybe this and other exclusive advantages gives you another reason to subscribe now?! Meanwhile all others may comfort themselves with our little appetizer for the next few days. Official release date of „The Glass House“ will be  November 16th. So stay tuned!

Sorry, diesmal gibt’s ausnahmsweise keine deutsche Version des Artikels;)


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