„Place Called Home“ gets excellent review at Prog Rock Little Place

Of course our main focus this spring is the promotion of our actual single „The Glass House“. But Domenico D’Allessandro has just reviewed our prog epic „Place Called Home“ on his inspiring blog „Prog Rock Little Place“ and we can’t ignore this. We really appreciate his enthusiasm and proudly share his opinion here:

Friday, 24 February 2017
Place Called Home (The J Conspiracy, 2015)
New bands are more and more into streaming free distribution and among those I put into my blog a very interesting German act called The J Conspiracy and whose longest track, „Place Called Home“, is a fine example of eclectic prog. I like the way these musicians line up different moments and moods to create a diversified and coherent suite divided into six parts. Modern as it can be, this song is also well rooted into the prog history solid ground and offers many interesting soundscapes.

What’s more, the band builds up their songs on strong melodies and very well found themes… not a common feature in a musical world where effects and arrangements take the main role. That said, the instrumental performances are first-rate and so is the visual project accompanying this song and available on the band’s offical site (see below). Last but not least, the lyrics provide a poignant overview of the daily struggle between our need of a deep truth and the shallow commotion of modern life. Finally, here you are an excellent way to spend your next twenty minutes, if you ask me.
Enjoy the slide-based presentation for this song: http://thejconspiracy.de/fotoslide/

Again: Thanks a lot! In case you need any inspiration what progsong you wanna hear next The J Conspiracy strongly recommends „Prog Rock Little Place“. You can search or browse Domenico’s ultimate song collection and reviews by decade or by country. Just click on pic below to get there…

Sorry, diesmal keine deutsche Version…





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