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Go to 2020 – Memory Lane (Favourite live track)

2020 – Memory Lane (Favourite live track)

Ganz eindeutig der Favorit der Konspiranten aus dem Live-Set. Jetzt im edlen Studio-Sound! | On a superficial layer our song’s focus is on a quite concrete plot. But along it comes with an additional overal significance, because everyone is walking down his own „Memory Lane“.

Go to 2019 – Yesterday’s Gone (Single)

2019 – Yesterday’s Gone (Single)

See The J Conspiracy breaking the rules: A prog track without a guitar?! No soloing. No parade of virtuosity. No epic lentgh. Just a song! Well-elaborated composed. And a strong representation of The J Conspiracy’s diverse approach to progressive rock. Enjoy it!

Go to 2018 – 11:11 (Epic)

2018 – 11:11 (Epic)

An exceptional kind of epic… Progressive rock meets the magic of mathematics. This song is really different, but likely one that you will really love. Turn speakers loud and take your trip through our epic. „Numbers are the key to nurture life.“

Go to 2017 – Have A Cigar (Coverversion)

2017 – Have A Cigar (Coverversion)

Unsere spezielle Version des Pink Floyd Klassikers anlässlich eines großartigen Live-Events. Mit Respekt vor dem Original und doch im typischen The-J-Conspiracy-Sound | Our special version of this Pink Floyd classic tune for an amazing open air event. Pairing great respect for the original with the unique The J Conspiracy sound.

Go to 2016 – The Glass House (single)

2016 – The Glass House (single)

Eine auf 5 1/2 Minuten eingedampfte Essenz unserer musikalischen Vorlieben: Riffgeprägter Progressive Rock mit spacigen Keyboardlinien, melodischem Refrain, interessanten Grooves & Taktwechseln. | An essence of our musical preferences steamed down to 5 1/2 minutes: riffdominated progressive rock with spacey keyboard lines, a catchy melodic chorus, interesting grooves and time signature changes.

Go to 2015 – Place Called Home (epic)

2015 – Place Called Home (epic)

Unser Debüt: Mit fast 20 Minuten haben wir eben etwas größer angefangen. Das ganze noch gepaart mit unserem einzigartigen Multimedia-Projekt: „Music meets photography“. | Our debut track: We started a little bigger with nearly 20 minutes. This track is paired with our unique media project: „Music meets photography“.

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Musik | Music

sounds, chords, notes, licks, voices, moods, structures, chaos, thoughts, riffs
Call it Progressive Rock, if you like..

Radio DJ's über | about "Yesterday's Gone":

Their lyrics always have deep meanings. They really put a lot of effort in their lyrics and really are trying to pass on a message. (Julie Sanchez - "Prog Rock Nation" on KTAL-LP 101.5 FM, US & CapitalRockRadio, Canada)

Radio DJ's über | about "11:11":

Great composition and very good guitar work. For me the best track so far from The J Conspiracy. (Jan Bracke - "Epics For All Time" on Ravenradio and Rogue-Rock-Radio, US)

Radio DJ's über | about "Have A Cigar 2017":

Sehr geile Coverversion! Ich liebe Covers, die etwas eigenes darstellen und nicht 1:1 nachgespielt werden. Ihr habt das Ding wirklich ordentlich bearbeitet. Eine echte Überraschung! (Stephan Glück - "Rock Art" on Emsvechtewelle, Germany)

Radio DJ's über | about "The Glass House":

Today, I've got something of a scoop... Very strong material, well produced with an excellent mix... (Mark Hall aka. DJ Markuss - "Prog Rock Palace" on KDVS 90.3FM, US)

Radio DJ's über|about "Place Called Home":

...with so many changes it had all the feel of a classic Prog piece. ("Jul's ProgKast", US & Australia)

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Konspiranten | Conspirators

Just some guys making their music

Ralf Brand

Vocals, Guitar
six strings, many inspirations, storyteller

major influences: David Gilmour, Dalai Lama & Stephen King

homebase: Euskirchen

Christoph Buss

Keyboards, Vocals
chords, sounds, black & white keys

major influences: Keith Emerson, Mike Lindup, coffee

homebase: Mechernich


Karl Schlesinger

deep notes, five strings, essential part of the groove section,

homebase: Bergheim


Heiko Loeb

the beatmaster, FAQ: We may play it faster?…

homebase: Essen


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Our prog epic: "Place Called Home" - Music meets photography

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