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2018: 11:11

?? Hardly working in the studio on… ??


2017: Have A Cigar (Coverversion)

Unsere spezielle Version des Pink Floyd Klassikers anlässlich eines großartigen Live-Events. Mit Respekt vor dem Original und doch im typischen The-J-Conspiracy-Sound | Our special version of this Pink Floyd classic tune for an amazing open air event. Pairing great respect for the original with the unique The J Conspiracy sound.


2016: The Glass House (single)

Eine auf 5 1/2 Minuten eingedampfte Essenz unserer musikalischen Vorlieben: Riffgeprägter Progressive Rock mit spacigen Keyboardlinien, melodischem Refrain, interessanten Grooves & Taktwechseln. | An essence of our musical preferences steamed down to 5 1/2 minutes: riffdominated progressive rock with spacey keyboard lines, a catchy melodic chorus, interesting grooves and time signature changes. .


2015: Place Called Home (epic)

Unser Debüt: Mit fast 20 Minuten haben wir eben etwas größer angefangen. Das ganze noch gepaart mit unserem einzigartigen Multimedia-Projekt: „Music meets photography“. | Our debut track: We started a little bigger with nearly 20 minutes. This track is paired with our unique media project: „Music meets photography“.


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Musik | Music

sounds, chords, notes, licks, voices, moods, structures, chaos, thoughts, riffs
Call it Progressive Rock, if you like..

Radio DJ's über | about "The Glass House":

I'm absolutely delighted to introduce The J Conspiracy... An explosive end to an explosive track... A real boost for me. "The Glass House" sounded excellent and well worth including - the more I hear it the more I like it! - (Paul "Trussy" Truswell - "Topographic Tunes" on Canalside Radio, UK)

You really nail some really great prog music out there! Congrats, we loved it! (Demetris -, Greece)

Today, I've got something of a scoop. With what is likely their first American radio debut, I bring you The J Conspiracy, from near Cologne, Germany... Very strong material, well produced with an excellent mix... (Mark Hall aka. DJ Markuss - "Prog Rock Palace" on KDVS 90.3FM, US)

Excellent lead vocals, some pretty cool guitar, nice bassline, solid drums. A nice little mellotron was beeing in up here. ("Jul's Progkast 17", US & Australia)

Klasse Song! Sehr kraftvoll produziert, sehr zeitgemäß, sehr stimmig! (Ralf Koch - "Progressive Rock Hour" auf Radio Oldenburg 1)

Radio DJ's über|about "Place Called Home":

...with so many changes it had all the feel of a classic Prog piece. ("Jul's ProgKast", US & Australia)

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Konspiranten | Conspirators

Just some guys making their music
Hochgeladenes Bild

Ralf Brand

Vocals, Guitar
six strings, many inspirations, storyteller

major influences: David Gilmour, Dalai Lama & Stephen King

homebase: Euskirchen
Hochgeladenes Bild

Christoph Buss

Keyboards, Vocals
chords, sounds, black & white keys

major influences: Keith Emerson, Mike Lindup, coffee

homebase: Mechernich

Hochgeladenes Bild

Karl Schlesinger

deep notes, five strings, essential part of the groove section,

homebase: Bergheim

Hochgeladenes Bild

Heiko Loeb

the beatmaster, FAQ: We may play it faster?…

homebase: Essen


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Our prog epic: "Place Called Home" - Music meets photography

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