18. März 2018

Medienecho | Media response

Radio DJ’s über | about „Yesterday’s Gone“:

Their lyrics always have deep meanings. They really put a lot of effort in their lyrics and really are trying to pass on a message. (Julie Sanchez – „Prog Rock Nation“ on KTAL-LP 101.5 FM, US & CapitalRockRadio, Canada)

Radio DJ’s über | about „11:11“:

Wouah!!! It’s the second title going on my show. Rhythmic is captivating and slightly psychedelic (hypnotic) with „floydian“ transitions (for exemple between I and II) and a canterbury school soupson. „11:11“ is more funky/jazzy than „The Glass House“, the rhythm changes are impressive. Futhermore the song benefit from a sacred good sound. Good release!!
The voice is in perfect synthesis with the music, we feel a united and coherent team (like said E PLURIBUS UNUM) behind this title in the service of music! Nice work probably difficult to play.
The end with the piano made me smile, like a little joke …Maybe is it Jacob we can hear??
You should find a record company with such a good job. (René Malbranque – „The Musical Box“ on Libellule FM, Belgium)

Great composition and very good guitar work. For me the best track so far from The J Conspiracy. (Jan Bracke – „Epics For All Time“ on Ravenradio and Rogue-Rock-Radio, US)


Radio DJ’s über | about „Have a Cigar“:

Congrats with your brilliant 2017 version of „Have a Cigar“. (Clemens Leunisse – „TRAXX“ on RTKrimpenerwaard, Netherlands)

Sehr geile Coverversion! Ich liebe Covers, die etwas eigenes darstellen und nicht 1:1 nachgespielt werden. Ihr habt das Ding wirklich ordentlich bearbeitet. Eine echte Überraschung! (Stephan Glück – „Rock Art“ on Emsvechtewelle, Germany)


Radio DJ’s über | about „The Glass House“:

I’m absolutely delighted to introduce The J Conspiracy… An explosive end to an explosive track… A real boost for me. „The Glass House“ sounded excellent and well worth including – the more I hear it the more I like it!  (Paul „Trussy“ Truswell – „Topographic Tunes“ on Canalside Radio, UK)

You really nail some really great prog music out there! Congrats, we loved it! (Demetris – justincaseradio.com, Greece)

Today, I’ve got something of a scoop. With what is likely their first American radio debut, I bring you The J Conspiracy, from near Cologne, Germany… Very strong material, well produced with an excellent mix… (Mark Hall aka. DJ Markuss – „Prog Rock Palace“ on KDVS 90.3FM, US)

Excellent lead vocals, some pretty cool guitar, nice bassline, solid drums. A nice little mellotron was beeing in up here. („Jul’s Progkast 17“, US & Australia)

Klasse Song! Sehr kraftvoll produziert, sehr zeitgemäß, sehr stimmig! (Ralf Koch – „Progressive Rock Hour“ auf Radio Oldenburg 1)

It’s a killer tune. This guys are awesome and I can’t wait to get more music from them and play it. (Chris Dymmel – „Rock City Demolition“ on Rogue-Rock-Radio and Raven Radio, US)


Radio DJ’s über|about „Place Called Home“:

…with so many changes it had all the feel of a classic Prog piece. („Jul’s ProgKast“, US & Australia)

I took some time to watch the multimedia „Place Called Home“ presentation, with the music set to imagery. This is a great way to introduce your music to a wider audience. (Gregory Kampf – „La Villa Strangiato“ on CHUO 89.1 FM, Canada)